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    יום רביעי 11.02.2015, 10:29

    ללא מילים. אומץ גדול שלך, גם ברישום וגם בפרסום.

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    יום רביעי 11.02.2015, 11:36

    תודה אבנר.

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    יום שני 02.03.2015, 22:23

    נתקלתי לפני כמה ימים בטקסט המקסים הזה של ג׳ון ברגר:
    ״When my father died recently, I did several drawings of him in his coffin. Drawings of his face and head…People talk of freshness of vision, of the intensity of seeing for the first time, but the intensity of seeing for the last time is, I believe, greater. Of all that I could see only the drawing would remain. I was the last ever to look on the face I was drawing. I wept whilst I strove to draw with complete objectivity.
    As I drew his mouth, his brows, his eyelids, as their specific forms emerged with lines from the whiteness of the paper, I felt the history and the experience which had made them as they were. His life was now as finite as the rectangle of paper in which I was drawing, but within it, in a way infinitely more mysterious than any drawing, his character and destiny had emerged. I was making a record and his face was already only a record of his life. Each drawing then was nothing but the site of a departure."
    John Berger, Drawn to that moment

    הוא לוקח את זה אמנם אח"כ למקומות אחרים לגמרי, אבל חשבתי שזה מתאים פה. בכל אופן ובלי קשר, מאוד מומלץ לקרוא:

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    יום שלישי 03.03.2015, 16:24

    טקסט מדהים של אישיות נדירה. תודה על הקישור, קראתי גם את הטקסט המלא. מאכזב שעם כזו רגישות הוא מיוזמי החרם התרבותי על ישראל…

כל תגובה מקרבת את הגאולה…